What is included in the LearnEd Notebooks Program?


Student Notebooks:

Our notebooks are designed to increase student participation as well as improve overall organization. Each notebook includes:

  • Defined Vocabulary
  • Unit Organizer
  • Bell Ringers
  • Guided Notes


  • Labs & Activities

  • Comprehensive Unit Review

  • Writing Assignments

  • Color-coded Flashcards

Teacher's Materials:

Every participating teacher receives digital access to the teacher's guide (included with the price of the program). The teacher's guide includes the following printable resources for each unit:


  • Unit Pacing Guide
  • Rubrics (Inquiry Project & Writing Assignment)
  • Quizzes (Open Ended & Matching)
  • Unit Tests (Multiple Choice Format)
  • Quiz & Test Keys
  • Resource Requirements (Labs & Activities)


Instructional Presentations:

The digital presentations can be accessed through our website to assist in the completion of each notebook. All participating teachers and students will receive online access using passwords that are provided:


  • Standards-linked unit organizers complete with curriculum standards and objectives
  • Pre-check and post-check question slides
  • Interactive bell ringer slides with answers
  • Complete slideshow of guided notes w/ diagrams
  • Lab and activity slides
  • Interactive test review slides