Professional Development & Program Training

We are proud to serve our districts and schools with unique professional development opportunities. Each program is specifically developed for standards-based instruction and includes various instructional tools and strategies. We encourage our educators to take part in professional development to better understand these tools and how to incorporate them into their instruction for maximum effectiveness.


Our professional development sessions include:

Program Overview and Instruction
Educators explore the full format of the LearnEd Notebooks programs with expert guidance. Full instruction includes details on accessing each component and strategies to incorporate them into various types of settings. Teachers learn about each program’s ease of integration while allowing them more time and resources to teach more effectively.  


Standards-Based Training
Each program is developed in conjunction with current state standards and has been reviewed by numerous educators and professionals. We ensure that our teachers understand the inclusion of the standards within each program while providing tools to decipher and address individual learning targets.


Differentiation Strategies
The notebooks are designed in a way to foster differentiation in many settings. During the professional development session, we provide teachers with strategies to use with the programs in order to reach all levels of learners.

STEM Integration
We provide additional resources for the inclusion technology, engineering and math into science classrooms for every attendee. Educators receive training on how to seamlessly integrate these concepts into their existing instruction.  


Teacher Tips and Tools
From formative assessment to student-centered learning, we examine many fun tips for teachers to use along with the LearnEd Notebooks program. We encourage educators to reach into their “teacher tool box” while we evaluate strategies to help them sharpen these skills.